• Yes, I agree that the outcome of the Manning trial will significantly affect other cases.

    Often, when judges make rulings in certain areas, they refer to previous judgments made during other court cases. These kinds of rulings can have far reaching effects. Sometimes defense lawyers or DA's may be able to use the results of former rulings to aid them in their cases. Manning's innocence or guilt as determined in this trial will determine the course of future decisions for many years to come.

  • Judicial precedent matters

    As with any legal case, the outcome of one case can have lasting impacts for generations to come. Today we are still talking about Brown versus Board of Education, and the precedents set in one case act as important decision guides for future cases. Great need must be shown to change things.

  • No, I don't think the outcome of the Manning Trial will affect other cases.

    Bradley Manning is being tried for stealing Governmental secrets and leaking them publicly, this is a serious crime and will be dealt with fairly and legitimately through the justice system of the nation, I don't think the result of the trial will have much effect on any other cases the law is the law.

  • Nothing changed, because nothing changed.

    No, I don't think that the Manning trial's outcome will have a very significant effect on other cases. Bradley/Chelsea Manning was always headed to prison. The trial that put her there was merely a formality. While I support Manning's actions, the judiciary was not swayed in the slightest. No rules have changed.

  • No outcome will make a difference

    The outcome of the Manning trial will not majorly affect other cases because the case was not that special. The trial went the way experts who watch such things, thought the case would go. Bradley was found guilty and he will spend many years behind bars for the many crimes he committed.

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