• Packers Will Continue Winning

    The Packers will continue to have a great season. They are injury free and play most of the rest of their games this season at home. They are 5-0 so far at home and with the majority of their games left to play at familiar Lambeau Field, they are poised to win.

  • Yes, I think they will continue to have a good season

    Yes, I think that the Packers will continue to have a good season because I find that this year they have a great lineup of players. They have played a great season so far so I don't really see why that would be drastically changing towards the end of the season.

  • Yes they will

    I think that the packers will continue to have a good season, if they work hard, practise hard, and don't let the goodness of their season get to their heads and make them think that they do not need to keep practising. That's how people fall hard, and how teams mess up.

  • Hard To Dispute Visual Evidence

    Aaron Rodgers missed numerous games last season due to injury, and the Packers still won the division and made the playoffs. He is fully healthy and playing out of his mind, and the D continues to improve. The NFL is full of ebbs and flows, and in a couple of weeks, we could be asking, "What happened to the Packers?". But for now, they are as good as any team in the NFL.

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