Do you think the Patriots will make it to the playoffs in the 2014-2015 season?

  • Yes, I think they will make it.

    Yes, I think that the Paritots will make it to the playoffs in the 2014-2015 season because they are a great team and even though a couple players have made mistakes causing them to lose I think that they will still make it because I have seen them all pull together and work together.

  • Patriots should be playoff bound

    Fresh off of their latest win over the Indianoplis Colts, the New England Patriots are poised to reach the 2014-2015 NFL Playoffs. Their re-energized running game, combined with their consistent passing threat, will allow the Patriots to make a deep run into the post-season. Expect to see Brady and the Pats as a potential Super Bowl contender.

  • Yes, the Patriots will make it to the playoffs.

    While some may write off Tom Brady as too old for the job, in my opinion the depth of his NFL experiences and great football mind more than make up for his age and any perceived lack of athleticism. The fact is that Brady is in great shape for his age and is still one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and this will ensure that the Patriots make the playoffs this year.

  • Almost There Already

    The New England Patriots have practically already won the AFC East again this season. Miami is better, but they won't catch the Patriots. The question remains about getting home-field advantage, but they have already beaten Denver and now Indianapolis. They will make the playoffs, and will certainly be among the favorites to get to the Super Bowl.

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