Do you think the Philippines under U.S. rule were key to winning the Pacific Theatre in World War II?

  • Yes, I think the Phillippines under US rule was a large key to winning the Pacific Theater in WW2.

    I think the Philippines and control of them was one of the United States largest goal in war in the Pacific Theater, once they had been successfully brought under US control then the entire war in that area started to tip dramatically against the Axis and the US was able to make some great strides.

  • The Philippines were a key target, and later base of operations for the United States during WWII in the Pacific theatre.

    The island chain known as the Philippines has been ruled by other countries throughout it's history, inlcuding Malaysia, India, China, Spain, Japan (briefly), and the United States. It occupies a very strategic region of the pacific ocean with easy naval access to the islands and mainlands of south-east asia. The United States purchased the Phillpines from Spain, and quashed numerous rebellions. The allies repelled Japanese invaders after they had committed atrocities in the islands. reduced Japanese morale, repositioned U.S. forces effectively, and eventually won the war.

  • I think that the Philipines being under U.S. rule helped us to win the Pacific Theatre in WW2.

    I definitely think that the Philipines being under U.S. rule helped the United States to win the Pacific Theatre in World War 2. I think it was an important strategic point for American forces to have a place so close to the even to stage off from during battles and plans.

  • not at all

    no, i think that we would have went over there and beat them no matter what. I think that we were a lot stronger of a force, and that they did not ever have a chance to beat us, and that they knew soon that we were the baddest around.

  • Not at all

    The Pacific theater shouldn't be under played in history, as it was incredibly important and a huge number (far more than most think) died there - especially the Chinese. Ultimately, however, the key to winning the Pacific theater was, completely, the dropping of the two nuclear bombs on to Japan.

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