• Some Pilgrims Were Scouts from England

    The general population of Turtle Island or what are known as "settlers" which is also a bad word today? Were not the terrorist. Necessarily. But the scouts from England territory who wanted and still want control over the entire world were terrorist. These people kidnapped, Enslaved, Murdered and indoctrinated an entire race of indigenous people when they invaded sacred lands and destroyed treaties between native tribes and destroyed trade routes. They murdered women, Children, Babies, And elderly with impunity and the people they dominated are still held in quadrants of land the settlers and pilgrims deemed uninhabitable, So they said they could have that PART of their land. This is still in place today centuries later. I think a Native American From Turtle Island or a descendant of theirs should be President and able to rule in the land that their great great great great grandfather owned by birth right. We are still ruled by the House of Rothschild. There is no escape in all the earth from their bloody clutches.

  • Of course they were terrorist!

    Only 40% of adults were part of the religious sect fleeing England throught Holland. The remaining 60% were adults, primarily men, working for Merchant Adventures, who is the company who financed the venture. It was a commercial sponsored voyage from the time it left port in Holland. It never had any right to land other than the right they found from the guns they carried with them. The first natives they came in contact with were the Abenaki. On March 16, 1621 Someset a Abenaki actually troll into there camp, speaking english which he had learned from english fisherman. From the beginning the relationship was good and bad. But turned bad for the natives where on April 1637 where a raid led by Captain John Underhill and Captain John Mason burned a Pequot village to the ground near modern Mystic, Connecticut, killing 300 Pequots. It pretty much went downhill from there on for Natives. We should really teach history.

  • Yes they are

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  • Take, kill, repeat

    They arrived and took what they wanted, including land, resources, and food from those who owned it. Then if the citizens (Native Americans) did not oblige, they killed them. Then they turned around and asked for a hand out. I won't celebrate this "holiday". IT wasn't your fairy tail story.

  • They were, yes.

    Very often the word pilgrim or settler is used when describing Europeans who came to the Americas, and it sounds more pleasant than they actually were. The thing is is that the indigenous people were all but wiped out once Europeans established themselves on the American continent. So, many were terrorists.

  • The pilgrims were not terrorist.

    The pilgrims was a specific group of people who established a colony in Plymouth Massachusetts. The first generation pilgrims, the ones that left Holland, treated the Native Americans as sovereign nations. They became a part of the political landscape, making treaties with the natives and helping fight inter-tribal wars. Probably because the pilgrims were grateful to the Native Americans for saving them from starvation in those first few years. They also had a different mind set than other colonist. They did not immigrate to the New World for profit but for religious reasons. Not all colonist were pilgrims (or puritans). Even on the Mayflower it was a mixed group and not everyone shared their beliefs. The colonist that came for profit often viewed the natives as competitors. They were not often discerning who they shot at during the various wars. When push came to shove in the major Indian wars the Pilgrims threw their lot in with the Puritans and other English colonist and the second generation of colonist, the ones born in the colony, were fully integrated into the frontier life. The colonist population at this time were still small and considered another tribe in the political landscape. There were a lot of inter-tribal wars with lots of atrocities on both sides. With the constant immigration of colonist from England, the population balance changed in favor of the colonist, with new people making little distinction between friendly Indians and hostile Indians.

    So no, the Pilgrims as a distinct group, were not terrorist.

  • No Pilgrims, No America

    Pilgrims came to America to start a new life and escaped persecution from their original homeland. When they arrived in America, I guess their practices of cutting don trees and digging trenches were not acceptable to the Native Indians and the natives were the ones that went on a warpath attacking the European settlers. It was survival of the fittest, what else can be said? Without the arrival of pilgrims, you would not be here right now so stop whining.

  • No Immigration Policy

    Pilgrims came in peace. Unfortunately, no immigration policy was established to accept new settlers. Instead, they came upon an unorganized number of tribes who would have been extinct in a matter of a few hundred years. The arrival of Europeans had a positive and lasting affect on the indigenous people.

  • They were refugees.

    The pilgrims were escaping from a life that kept them from thriving. They were searching for a better life for themselves and theire future generations. Because the native americans were so primitive, there was certain conflict. It was not terrorism. It was self-defense on both sides. How can a country that now says we should embrace all of the thousands of illegal immigrants call the original immigrants "terrorists"? I find it interesting that it is the same group espousing both ideas!!

  • No, pilgrims weren't terrorist.

    I do not think that the pilgrims were terrorists. I think that the way the world operated back then was very different to how it operates today. The pilgrims didn't do anything illegal or wrong when they decided to migrate to the mainland of what is now known as the USA.

  • The pilgrims were not terrorists

    The pilgrims were not terrorists. They did not go to the new world with the intention of destroying it. They went to flee religious persecution. They were offered a place to live without the implications of the churches enforcement arm. They met with the natives peacefully. It wasn't until much later that the conflicts arose that would enable the 'terrorist' label to apply.

  • The pilgrims were totally not terrorists.

    A terrorist is defined as a person who commits an act of violence to frighten others into complying with their political agenda. A pilgrim, by definition, is a person who goes on a journey for religious reasons. Whether this question refers to the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620, or to pilgrims in general, there is little or no overlap between either of these groups and people who could reasonably be described as terrorists.

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