• They Are Racist

    Anytime anybody talks about "race betterment," there is an underlying racist agenda. The Pioneer Fund has been masking its white supremacist agenda in science, and that is very, very insidious. This is especially true with their supposed "research" on race as it relates to IQ testing. They are bigots, pure and simple.

  • Pioneer Fund has always been racist

    This is an organization that uses words like research and study to publish beliefs that they have. They very rarely look for truth and this includes the race betterment documentation. They argue that they mean the entire race but it is hard to look past some of the wording and not realize that they actually mean different types of race.

  • Yes, the Pioneer Fund's beliefs seem racist

    The Pioneer Fund's beliefs seem racist in nature. After all, the incorporation documents of the group were modeled on ideas brought back from a visit to Nazi Germany. While the group has done some interesting research into subjects such as twins who have been reared apart and the effects of adoption on twins, their main tenet seems to be founded on racist beliefs.

  • Yes, the Pioneer Fund's belief in race betterment is racist.

    Yes, the Pioneer Fund's belief in race betterment is racist. It was modeled after racist teachings by Nazi groups. In 1980 the Pioneer Fund was described by a newspaper as a neo-Nazi organization, The Southern Poverty Law Center list them as a hate group. They fund a lot of research that trie sto support white superiority.

  • No, I don't.

    I do not think that the Pioneer Fund's belief in race betterment is racist, I just find it to be absolutely ridiculous and without warrant. What is the need to keep placing emphasis on race? I have seen this too many times now. Some justify it by calling people colorblind, but I just find it insane.

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