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  • It should not be seen as a hate group

    No, I do not believe that the Pioneer Fund beliefs qualify them as hate group. It is very easy for people to characterize a group as a hate group just because they do not follow the mainstream thought process. They do have some very controversial beliefs in genetics and the study of genetics, but everyone should have right to believe in what they want. This does not make for a racist group.

  • The Pioneer's Fund is Not a Hate Group

    I do not believe that beliefs with actions should ever make any group a hate group. Beliefs and speech are protected in this country, actions however can be a crime. Short of direct incitement leading to hate crimes, something more than speech is required to qualify the Pioneer's Fund as a hate group.

  • No It Doesn't

    I do not believe the Pioneer Fund's beliefs qualify them as a hate group. The Pioneer Fund is just that, a fund, and it must be run by someone to ensure that the funds are used for their preconceived notions. I believe some researchers have found useful topics to use these funds for, but others are obviously less desirable.

  • The Pioneer Fund's

    I personally think that Of course researchers should be allowed to accept grants from the Pioneer Fund. That's why the Pioneer Fund is there, and I think it is a great idea. We need more sources of money such as this that researchers can dip into and make discoveries with. It is vital to us.

  • No, Pioneer Fund's beliefs do not qualify them as a hate group.

    I think that people are way to willing to label anybody or organizations they disagree with as a racist or hate group. The Pioneer Fund does not have beliefs that make me think they are such a group. Just because their beliefs in regards to the study of genetics are controversial, does not mean they condone racism.

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