Do you think the popularity of Bernie Sanders is related to disgust with other Democrats?

  • Saunders appeals to the Democratic electorate, a group which is disillusioned by wealthy industrialists

    Saunders represents the average person, and he appeals to many working-class people. He is older and wiser than his opponents, and he is approachable. Americans have been let down by promises by politicians in the past. Many people do not want Wall Street governing the White House to begin with. People want better wages, and a more affordable way of life. Saunders offers hope with his Socialist ideology. He is also visible in public, and has been running as strong a campaign as Clinton. Perhaps most of the disgust is towards the Republicans, as we have witnessed during intense rallying of late. Saunders appears all the more favorable as a result.

  • Options are slim

    I believe that Bernie Sanders is one of the more popular candidates because our options are ridiculous. While he has good intentions when it comes to the average middle workers, he also has a lot of misconceptions about what is really going on in the world. However he seems to be the more reasonable candidate among our circus of choices.

  • Bernie Sanders Popularity

    I do think that the popularity Bernie Sanders has gained is related to disgust with other Democrats. But to be fair, I think that is how all the candidates are getting their popularity. I think that most voters do not care for anyone running, and so they are choosing the lesser of two evils in their opinion.

  • The popularity of Bernie Sanders is not related to discuss with other Democrats

    The popularity of Bernie Sanders is not related to discuss with other Democrats. It has more to do with the general state of the economy and the the perception that the so-called rich are getting away with something. Bernie Sanders just cashing in on voter anger and appealing to the masses who want everything for free and provided by the government.

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