Do you think the possible release of Clinton's classified emails is a threat to national security?

  • Should not be released

    Whether the emails were sent by Hillary or not, the Republicans are claiming that they contain classified information. It can't possibly be good for national security to release them, and if Republicans do so it will be a clear indication that they are more interested in politics than actually protecting us.

  • Of Course It Is

    This is a silly question. If there is any information contained within the emails that is classified for purposes of national security, then of course the release of the emails is going to be a threat to national security. Isn't it obvious? Ideally there would be nothing like that in her private email account but with people of such power you shouldn't take the risk.

  • It absolutely is.

    She was the Secretary of State. Nearly every single piece of info that crosses her eyes has to do with the Security of our nation. Regardless of if she personally thought it was of importance or not. It just further demonstrates that she is un-trustworthy and has something to hide.

  • It should be treated as such

    Intelligence gathering and protection is a difficult game of cat-and-mouse. It's also an inexact science. Defense intelligence criteria contains a provision for two pieces of unclassified material, when brought together, may become classified. IF CNN posts "the DoD is conducting exercises to test a new classified weapon system for deployment in the Middle East" and then Raytheon announces "We have a new weapon system capable of destroying targets from a range of xxxxx miles",then combining the two pieces of information gives a likely location for staging and effective tactical ranges for each target. The bad guys are always looking to put the pieces together. While one piece of data may look harmless, when combined with things they already know, it becomes a threat to National Security.

  • No, the release of Clinton's emails in not a threat

    No, the release of Clinton's classified emails in not a threat to national security. High level security information is generally not shared through email. In addition, the position that Hillary Clinton held at the time that the emails were received is as such that the level of security of the information is questionable.

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  • If it is why did she use a separate email?

    I don't think any important issues were discussed over email and if they were, then Clinton needs to answer for them. If you are typing something in an email, it can't be of national security level, especially when you work for the government. The emails should be released since she used a separate email to communicate with world leaders, which she shouldn't have done.

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