Do you think the president is doing enough to stop the beheading of foreign aid workers by ISIS?

  • Even though it is so horrible, President Obama is in a terrible position.

    President Obama has been caught in a difficult decision: Risk troops to save the few or wait it out. ISIS has been growing very strong and well populated. Even though ISIS coming over here is a suicide mission, we would be terribly effected by going to them. They would have a definite advantage and we would lose many more men than the ones beheaded.

    On the other hand, the Americans on their knees must feel like they have been abandoned by their country. Even after serving and protecting all we are, we could not come rescue them from their gruesome fate.

    The President is caught in a bundle of grief and either way ends with death, so we just have to way out the losses and the loyalty.

  • Yes, the president is trying to stop ISIS from beheading foreigners.

    No one can support the acts of ISIS as they behead foreign workers who are simply helping the people of Syria. The government is going too far, in my opinion, to try to defeat ISIS, bringing us perilously close to another drawn out war. Foreign aid workers are doing good work and are brave, knowing the dangers of their service.

  • Yes, the president is doing enough, because there's simply not much he can do.

    Every time I hear another conservative pundit lambasting the president for what ISIS is doing in the Middle East, I can't help but roll my eyes. The way they talk, it would seem they are working under the false supposition that being president of the US is akin to being the emperor of the world. The fact is that the situation in the Middle East is inordinately complicated, and in many ways is the result of a long series of historical events beginning at least with the US invasion of Iraq under President Bush II, which obviously was no fault of Obama's.

  • Yes, I believe the president is doing enough to stop the beheading of foreign aid workers.

    Yes, I believe the president is doing enough to stop the beheading of foreign aid workers. Terrorists will do what they choose regardless of what the president does in an attempt to stop it. Until all the terrorists are dead, the beheadings will continue so they can make their statement.

  • President Obama is not doing enough to stop the extreme violence by ISIS.

    President Obama has been sitting on his keester and not doing what needs to be done to stop ISIS from doing the harm they are doing. Major troops need to go in and surround ISIS and destroy them all. They are like a beehive full of killer bees. We need to destroy the hive and all the bees for the good of humanity.

  • There is no possible way he is doing enough.

    Has anyone else heard what happened in Paris? This happened a few days after he said that he was working with the rest of the world and providing assistance. He said they were "contained". Correct me if I am wrong, but a "contained" ISIS should not be in France. Our weak airstrikes do nothing but kill civilians and a minimal amount of terrorists. We need to destroy their oil fields, put more guys on the ground, and begin to work with other countries to destroy the Islamic Militants. The fact that liberals will not come right out and say that these terrorists are islamic is insane. That begs the question- do you know what the first "I" in ISIS stands for? The president has more than enough power and resources to stop this Islamic State. But if he is stupidly spending our tax money on 500$ hammers (which is true, and another way of saying the government is spending too much on dumb things), we can't expect him to make good decisions about ISIS. Hey, Mr. President! Your generals are also saying that ISIS is not controlled! Listen to the experts who care about our safety and stop letting thousands of refugees- many of which could be ISIS- into our country.

  • President Obama isn't doing enough

    Obama has been actually, in my opinion, been helping ISIS and here is why. Obama has been sitting around doing nothing and ordering drone strike after drone strike. This has killed more civilians than actual terrorists. Also he has been taking troops out of the middle east. This lowers the risk of American troops stopping ISIS militants. Now since Obama has been sitting around doing nothing to stop them Iraq sent their army to actually do some thing. This proves that Obama doesn't want to fight them instead he want to throw water balloons at them and claim its working in Americas favor.

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