• I think that the pros of circumcision outweigh the cons.

    I think that the pros of circumcision outweigh the cons. If they did not then doctors around the world would not be doing this procedure on all the babies that are born. I think that by doing the procedure at an early age prevents infection and it is also very painful as you age to get it done.

  • 100% all-american cut

    We always circumcise in our family cos that's the way we like it. It looks way better cut and it's more a of a man's thing being circumcised. I'm proud of my all-American cut dick and I wouldn't have it any other way.
    Its part of being American. Cut and proud all the way!

  • Circumcised is way better

    I was circumcised along with my 4 bros and we all agree we like it that way. First off circumcised looks way better, its easier to keep clean and I feel sexier with a circumcised cock and I know a lot of women prefer it.
    I will definitely circumcise my sons - my 2 bros have done it to theirs.

  • Yes They Do

    I believe the pros of circumcision outweigh the cons. In America it is quite normal to have a circumcision performed on a newborn boy and it is done for medical reasons. I think the reduction in infections is a huge benefit, not to mention hygienic reasoning. I think the pain and lack of rights arguments are simply those that don't believe in it trying to force their opinion on others.

  • Yes, I do.

    I do think the pros of circumcision outweigh the cons, and by a good amount. What I am not okay with, though, is babies being circumcised. This should be an adult decision. But, circumcision does cut down on the risk for STDs, particualrly HIV, upwards of 60%. In undeveloped countries, this is very important.

  • It is an unnecessary procedure for removal of something natural.

    Circumcision complications are actually more common than problems from foreskin itself. Unfortunately it has been ingrained into society that for some reason it's a good thing. Another common argument is that it is unhygienic, However anything is unhygienic if you don't clean it. With that logic we should be sealing our mouths shut so we don't have to worry about gunk in them. It's a practice with more problems than pros.

  • There are few benefits to circumcision

    And the benefits are only potential. Most intact men never have any issues. Circumcision is usually safe, but babies have died from it. I've been wondering lately why parents are willing to accept the risks, however small, to gain almost nothing. Surely they aren't removing their babies toenails to avoid toenail fungus.

  • Very little evidence.

    Very little or outdated evidence that suggests any health benefits aren't relied upon anymore. For example AIDS/HIV rates are higher in the U.S. than elsewhere, and the enzymes produced with the help of the foreskin actually combat harmful STI (including the HIV/AIDS virus) bacteria. In addition to this, leading medical professionals no longer suggest circumcising your children for both ethical and health reasons. Those saying yes are either culturally/ideologically motivated or misinformed.

  • No, I see more people declining circumcision for their infants.

    I do not see the pros of circumcision outweighing the cons. Almost all male infants used to be circumcised immediately after birth. It's becoming less popular. I don't think the determining factors are the pros or cons, but the fact that new parents do not see a medical reason for putting their newborn sons through the procedure.

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