Do you think the provincial laws of Quebec, Canada should never contradict the federal laws of Canada?

  • Yes, federal laws must come first.

    I believe that a strong central government is important, and when provincial laws contradict federal laws, the provincial laws must give way. Otherwise there would be a patchwork of contradictory laws in Canada that would create a legal nightmare for Canadian citizens. There must be clarity in the Canadian legal system, and the provinces must defer to the laws of the nation as a whole.

  • Yes there are times when Quebec's provincial laws should contradict the federal laws of Canada.

    Laws are not always a one fits all proposition, that's why the court system exists. Quebec's provincial laws should be tailored to the needs and desires of the residents of Quebec. So at time they may conflict with the federal laws of Canada, this is when the Court have come into play to resolve the contradictions. .

  • It is a federation.

    Yes, I think that the provincial laws of Quebec, Canada, should never contradict the federal laws of Canada, because the people of Canada chose to be one nation. The laws of Canada should take into account the needs of French-speaking Quebec. But Quebec is part of the larger nation of Canada, and they should follow its laws.

  • Yes, I believe the provincial laws of Quebec should not contradict the laws of Canada.

    Quebec is part of Canada and should respect all of the Federal laws in Canada, If Quebec wishes to do things their own way they should form their own separate country but as long as Quebec is part of Canada they should abide by and respect any Federal laws passed.

  • Not at all

    NO, I think that these laws are going to conflict all of the time, and that they always have and are always going to to. I think that they just have to find a way that they can make it all work out and then take that and go with it.

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