Do you think the Quran holds any miraculous scientific knowledge?

Asked by: tcpanter
  • The Qur'an Holds nothing the science can prove wrong.

    The quran isn't just a book of medieval people.It's a book of signs not science.The quran just gives signs of the things which modern science has discovered.Quran is not only book which gives us the signs, Zohar and many other books have these signs too.Max plank admitted that he was inspired from the Gita to write his quantum theory.Cosmic entanglement has been discussed briefly there.There are many old religious books who can bring about such miraculous factor.Quran is one of them.If the meaning of Quran can be meant to the scientific truth and the view supports it then what's your problem ??? It's not an instrumental book at all.

  • The Bible, the Quran and science by Maurice Bucaille

    People who tell the there is nothing in the Quran that is scientific are ignorant and please don't say research says this and research says that and for God's sake don't tell you read the Quran and you understood it blah blah blah.....Go and read The Bible, the Quran and science,

  • Dont be ridiculous

    The Koran has been showed to be flawed scientifically. This is what one would expect when a book written about 800 years ago by some medieval people who did not have particle accelerators and other fine measuring apparatus. I mean the Koran says mountains stop earthquakes and as we know that is a bunch of bollocks.

  • Research says no...

    I have been hearing a lot about this from Muslims and I hear a lot of people are converting to Islam over this but from my own research it is entirely wrong. I got given a box full of information from some Muslims and one of the books was specifically on scientific miracles. It sounded pretty incredible at first, I mean I wasnt going to convert or anything, but I thought I would look it up.

    First off it is mostly just wrong. Plain wrong. It is riddled with scientific inconsistancies and absurdities and every Muslim I have met just wont accept when it is wrong. Mountains arent for stabilising the Earth and the stars arent closer than the moon.

    Now while I do think the majority of it is wrong there is a lot of stuff that is clearly related to earlier ideas. One of the major claims is that Muhammed could not have known any of this but that is also demonstrably false. I think part of the reason these ideas have hung around because the Arabic language is so hard to pin down it is easy to manipulate the words to back up what you mean like in the case of the continued expansion of the universe.

  • Of course not!

    Ridiculous claims like these have been debunked a million times over, just like claims that the Bible predicts the future have been debunked. Rumors like this are nothing more than poor interpretation of ridiculously vague passages and statements that are presented in a way that try to convince you that the book has actually predicted something, when it has certainly done no such thing.

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tahir.imanov says2014-01-17T02:26:22.237
Question is itself little unclear, One may suggest that the presupposition of the question is that the science is only way to get the knowledge, which is absurd. The true statement would be that Quran does not contradict the reality, and Quran confirms the reality (Reality is external world which we live in). And it is the difference between Quran and other "revelations", and it is difference between Quran and science, science (observation and testing) sometimes get things wrong.
tcpanter says2014-01-17T12:52:40.817
No one else seems to have had any trouble understanding the question. It is pretty simple are the alleged scientific miracles in the Quran miraculous or even correct. The answer is no. The Quran does contradict reality. Mountains are not for stabilising the Earth and the Pharaohs body has not been miraculously preserved. Science does sometimes get things wrong but in terms of science the Quran gets almost everything wrong. I do agree with you on science not being the only place to get knowledge but considering the question was about science it seems like a good place to start.