• How many times can one team move?

    This team has already moved several times, including back and forth to Los Angeles. The continued claime is lack of fan base, but how can you develop a fan base if you keep moving the team back and forth across the country. If a team is losing money in their currrent venue okay, but moving constantly just to make more is disruptive to the league.

  • That's Their Home

    The Rams have stayed in St. Louis for so long, why should the team be moved to another city? I know that throughout the history of sports teams have moved cities and changed names, but I don't really see a point if it isn't absolutely necessary. Why would they even want them to move?

  • Rams staying in St. Louis

    The Rams NFL Team should stay in St. Louis. They've only been there for 20 years, since 1995 and they make up one of three professional teams in St. Louis. The people of St. Louis really enjoy their professional teams and are very supportive of them. It would probably sadden the people of St. Louis to see an institution they love leave their city.


    They should go back to Los Angeles where they came from. Sport teams are such a joke. It is all about the owners, politicians, staff and players exploiting their fans out money they can not afford to spend on nonsense. When will the public wake up and smell the coffee?

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