Do you think the recent confrontation between Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout was staged for MTV cameras?

  • MTV Stages Fights for Ratings

    I believe that many confrontations on reality shows, on MTV and others, are staged to achieve ratings. People watch reality shows for the drama and excitement that they perceive comes with every day life. This drama must sometimes be forced by shows if they are in need of a ratings boost or if the show is becoming stagnant.

  • Teen Mom’ Feud: Maci Bookout & Farrah Abraham Go Head-To-Head In Sneak Peek

    The confrontation continues on the show 'Teen Mom' between Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout after the May 4th MTV clip. Bookout left the show after hearing that Abrahams was returning due to concerns about her son being around an adult film actress. She later returned because she believed the show was better with all 4 girls. The confrontation was staged to excite veiwers for the upcoming drama to the show.

  • Yes it was

    They needed something for ratings, so why not stage this for the audience because drama makes the show more interesting, when there is a lot of conflict going on between the two girls. It is a real concern though because if you have children who wants their children to be around a person who has starred in porn.

  • Drama Divides Teen Mom Stars

    The well documented and contentious division between Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout was most definitely not a show for the cameras. These two young ladies simply are rivals for attention and each is exceptionally jealous of the other. It undoubtedly stems from Abraham's background as a porn star and Bookout's judgment of her previous employment.

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