Do you think the recent free GQ magazine that Lands End magazine sent out was inappropriate?

  • Land's End what were you thinking

    The GQ issue inside of the Lands End catalogue was beyond inappropriate. For and LL Bean type company who sells kids school uniforms it was crossing the line. Putting it in the Victoria Secret catalogue, fine, but Lands End. And who the heck at LE authorized this one. They should be out of a job.

  • Yes, it is totally inappropriate

    This is an adult magazine. Lands End was sending it for school children. It is not a magazine that children should be reading. It also is not something that Lands End should be promoting. If they wanted to send Back to School free gifts there were plenty of other ideas they could have come up with to send to either the parents or children than this.

  • Considering their customers

    Yea, they probably should have sent something more appropriate. I'd understand maybe Hustler or a more adult focused magazine sending out a GQ magazine, but Lands End? No. They had the wrong customer base to send those out to. Just a bad idea, maybe they had good intentions, but stupid move on their part.

  • New GQ magazine

    No I do not at all think that the new magazine of GQ is inappropriate. It is a human body and the woman is showing as much skin as any man can show publicly. Her nipples are also properly covered up which everyone is always obsessing over. There is nothing wrong with it.

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