Do you think the recent story of George Zimmerman rescuing someone from a crash is a set up?

Asked by: JuliaD
  • Of course it is a fake story... Zimmerman is a coward.

    This fake story to try to restore Zimmerman so he can re-enter society is so obvious. Where are the photos of the crash? Where was the car towed to? Why did Officer Patrick Rehder phone records show phoned or texted George Zimmerman at the time of the alleged accident? Why are there NO witnesses? Who were the two people who supposedly called 911? The Media... Needs to dig much deeper on this story. Does not add up!

  • Not any evidence that it happened

    As Anonymous has cited, there are no facts to support this fake story. The cop calling/texting GZ is a dead give away. He's still a horse's ass. GZ should be looking over his shoulder. No amount of fake Zimmerman stories is going to show GZ in a positive light.

  • No it's not...

    This is stupid to think it's some kind of conspiracy. All the democrats in government hate him, all the liberal media hate him and public stupidity has caused anyone without a brain (most democrats and liberals) to think he is a racist. He saved a persons life and now he's being accused of being a fraud? This is proof that in today's society, the idea is that unless someone is a liberal, anything they do is a set-up...

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