Do you think the reform that Bill De Blasio has promised for the Stop and Frisk will be executed?

  • De Blasio's Stop and Frisk reforms will be executed.

    Yes, the reforms to New York City's policies on Stop and Frisk put forth by Mayor Bill De Blasio will likely be executed. The city's stop and frisk policies have been highly controversial and scrutinized in the media quite a bit. For that reason, I believe people are ready to see De Blasio's reforms executed.

  • Yes, but not prescisely as he planned it

    Mayor de Blasio is undoubtedly sincere in his desire to reshape the stop
    and frisk policies in New York City. His reforms would come as part of a
    settlement with plaintiffs who assert that they were stopped solely because
    of their race. The police union filed suit to stop de Blasio’s changes, but a
    Federal appeals court has denied their suit. However, the court ruled that the
    union must be included in reform negotiations. So de Blasio’s reform, if he
    gets it, will not be exactly what the liberal mayor had in mind.

  • I feel the Stop and First will be executed

    The reform being promised by Bill De Blasio regarding the Stop and Frisk I feel will be executed. The New York City reform has come under fire because it has gotten so much public attention from not only the city but from many media sources. Due to all of the controversy there is going to need to be some action to this .

  • It will not

    No, I do not think that they will ever get this executed at all. I think that there are way to many people that are against stop and frisk, and that there is no way the public will let this get pushed through without a huge fight over it happening.

  • The NYPD is stronger than the mayor's office

    Blasio may have talked the talk, but walking the walk will be a different matter. First, he brough back Bratton who is the "father" of COMSTAT and the idea of "Broken Windows" policing - and both of these approaches have been scientifically proven to lead to worse criminal justice outcomes. The result? Bratton will double down on Stop and Frisk in order to show that he's still achieving things even if they do get a downward tick in Stop and Frisk actions.

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