Do you think the resurrection of Jesus Christ was a historical event (yes) or a metaphor (no)?

  • Yes, Jesus is real and alive today, and he will come again one day.

    The Bible's account of Jesus Christ's resurrection is said to not be able to be physically proven by scientists in today's modern day world. Well, I would tell them that looking for physical proof is missing the point of the faith, a faith that promises salvation and eternal life and is backed up by the presence of the Holy Spirit upon opening your heart to a loving God.

  • Improbable but believable

    The Old Testament is clearly a work of metaphor and not meant in any way to be a historical document, though many unfortunately take it as such. Much of the Gospels, however, are meant to be historical in nature, and though it takes a great deal of faith to believe in them, they are INTENDED to be documents of history.

  • It was an impossible miracle

    The Resurrection was a miracle. This was defined by David Hume as a violation of the laws of nature and this means that it was impossible. No-one can come back from the dead without science (which they didn't have back then) ie. Resuscitation. This means that this event did not happen. The story in the bible is a metaphor for when you die , you go to heaven.

  • It was a fictional metaphor

    I think that one of the greatest mistakes of the past one thousand years has been the literal belief of the events in the Bible. That includes the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I think the Bible is an enduring work of historical literature, one of the best-edited collections of fiction and science fiction. But not historical.

  • Not really crazy about religion and don't wanna affend no 1

    GROWING UP asa christian i really believed but struck me 1 day started reall thinkin about it just really being honest with myself and couldn't find christianity more credible over any other religion such as budhism hinduism judaism islam u name it IM ?SORRY. If you are religious one good thing is that you have or at least feel like you got that person by you and that's good you may lose it if you come to a new conclusion but just don't be alone be with good people and life will sstill be good

  • It's A Metaphor

    I do not believe resurrection is an actual historical event. Growing up with Christianity I became interested in all religions as a teen and young adult. While I still find Christianity important, I believe the fact that people hold on to some of the events in the Bible like they are 100% historically correct is a fallacy. While I believe the narrative can be helpful to society, society has opted to use it as something to separate ideals, rather than bring them together.

  • I don't think so

    I personally do not think that the resurrection of Jesus Chris is an actual historic event. There are no other sources except for the bible that indicate that this happened, and you would think that there would be since it was such a miraculous event. I don't think it really happened.

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