Do you think "The Revenant" deserved the most Oscar nominations (12) of any film this year?

  • Yes, The Revenant deserved the most Oscar nominations this year.

    The Revenant was a brilliant film, deserving of all 12 Oscar nominations. Leonardo DeCaprio is a global movie star and he brings all of his fan base to his movies. It is another blockbuster in his history of blockbusters. The movie, based on a true story, is riveting and entertaining to most. It has history and action, leaving its viewers captivated from start to end.

  • Work of art

    This film was fantastic in every way, and is most certainly deserving of the Oscar nominations it has received. Leonardo DiCaprio's performance was phenomenal, as was that of Tom Hardy. The scenes, costumes, and lighting was supurb, and the editing of the film was top notch. Although the film may not deserve to win every Oscar it was nominated for, it was indeed deserving of the nominations it recieved.

  • This movie is deserving of the most Oscar nominations because it is very well made.

    This film is a biography-style film about some of the history of the South. The Revenant has a good collection of wonderful actors and other screen talent. Alongside that, it was well-written and the performances of the talent featured in this western film is phenomenal. The other thing that makes this worth the 12 Oscar nominations it has recieved is the fact that it teaches a good history lesson, focusing on how times were in 1823.

  • The Revenant deserving of Ocar nominations

    The Revenant is a fine film and deserving of garnering the most Oscar nominations this year. It is a fine film with an excellent cast led by Leonardo DiCaprio. Many critics have praised his performance. Tom Hardy also puts in a fine performance. The cast puts on an engaging performance that keeps the audience engaged.

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