Do you think the ReWalk exoskeleton should be covered by insurance plans?

  • Yes this device should be covered

    My brother could greatly benefit from this device. It would improve his overall health and reduce his healthcare costs. Everyone should have access to the technological devices that could improve their health, mobility and overall well being. I think it is a great benefit for the person and the insurance companies. Better health means lower health costs

  • The ReWalk Exoskeleton Should Be Covered By Insurance Plans

    I think the ReWalk Exoskeleton should absolutely be covered by insurance plans because it gives those without use of their legs a better quality of life. It has been used within rehab clinics for years and it is great that it is finally being made available to the general public.

  • This solution should be covered

    This solution should be covered by health insurance plans because otherwise people's health that can benefit from it would not be able to get better or find a manageable cure. Although the exoskeleton might be expensive, only a very small population of people will be using it, so coverage should not be an issue.

  • Medical Devices Should Be Covered

    The ReWalk exoskeleton is for people with spinal cord injuries and it is suppose to help them walk again. This is absolutely a medical device and it should absolutely be covered by insurance plans. I'm not a fan of our insurance system as there is no reason for a question like this to even be asked.

  • Yes, the ReWalk exoskeleton should be covered by insurance.

    The ReWalk exoskeleton promises more natural movement for those with problems. It should be an affordable option for anyone who needs it. Many upgrades will happen in this field over the next decade. These technologies will greatly enhance the quality of life of people who previously faced many set backs in their daily life.

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