Do you think the right to die should outweigh other ethical and moral considerations?

  • I think the right to die for a terminal patient should outweigh other ethical and moral considerations, because a person has a right to die with dignity and with less pain and suffering if that is their choice.

    There are many horrible illnesses that exist in our world. Diseases such as cancer and aids. When these kind of diseases start causing such detriment in a person that they are in constant pain, can no longer do things for themselves, and are stuck in a state of misery just waiting for the release of death, I think it is important that the patient has a right to choose the death they are waiting for. If that is going to be the end result anyway, forcing them to wait out the torture of their disease seems cruel and unnecessary. Not to mention, some patients would like to make this choice in order to help save their families from witnessing the worse of the torture they will experience.

  • Everyone has a right to their own life.

    A person's right to their life supercedes anyone's opinion or religious considerations. The person's life and death is the business between his own soul and God and no one else's business. A government cannot determine someone's right to exist and how they live.that life. The presumption that anyone has the right to determine the fate of someone else is arrogant.

  • Yes, of course.

    If someone has a physical illness that is going to kill them, they should have the right to die instead of having to suffer months of agony on a sick, disgusting hospital bed. Same for the depressed; if they have tried all treatment and cannot bear the thought of living, death should be a choice.

  • If a patient is of sound mind

    If a patient is fully mentally aware of what is going on and can make a clear decision and preference known, then doctors and medical personnel should absolutely abide by the patient's wishes and let them control their own body and life. Only when it is not clear that a patient is fully informed and mentally sound should a doctor's ethics come into play in terms of making decisions

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