• Ferguson Riots and the Economy

    Right now, people won't see a big change in the economy because of the Ferguson riots. But, eventually the riots might indeed help the economy. While many Americans are in desperate civil distress, this distress and rioting will help bring others to our country to fight for our equality, in turn the money from these outsiders will help boost the economy twofold.

  • No, the Ferguson riots are not good for the economy.

    No, the Ferguson riots are not a positive for the economy. There is no impact whatsoever to the economy as far as the events in Ferguson are concerned. This is merely another social event that will quickly be forgotten and replaced with the next media incident. So in this instance, there is no impact to the economy whatsoever.

  • No, they have caused too much damage.

    No, the riots have immediately caused damage to the local Ferguson community, through looting and other nonsensical violence. Although hard to equate, I believe these riots have also lead to damage being caused around the United States from those incensed and riled by the causes of the Ferguson riots. Any 'good' outcomes for the economy are extremely short term and noxious.

  • No, I do not think the riots are good.

    I very much disagree that the riots going on in Ferguson are good for the economy. Although I do think that it is good that people are standing up for their rights and trying to make their voices heard. I disagree with the officer not getting charged but I do not think fires had to be started and people to be shot.

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