• Yes, I think the scientic method is purely objective

    The scientific method is designed to be based purely around facts and figures and doesn't allow for the scientists personal feelings to influence the results, I think the scientific method is one of the most purely objective methods we have and it is vital that it is so otherwise crucial research could have flawed outcomes.

  • Yes, I do.

    Yes, I do believe that the scientific method is objective. There might be scientists who try to do experiments to skew their results one way or another, but they are not doing their experiments according to the scientific method. As of right now, I believe that the scientific method is the most accurate and most objective method that we have.

  • Yes, science is objective

    I think that science is objective. The idea that something can be a theory in science is something that alludes to this opinion. Not everything in science is always concrete proof. Some scientific theories change in time. That is why I think that the scientific method is objective and theoritical.

  • No, science is not objective

    Define science and in doing so some say it is objective, holds truth, has data , holds hard facts or proofs. This however, cannot be true, as science is based off on induction. Inductive reasoning is the process of arriving at a conclusion based on a set of observations. In itself, it is not a valid method of proof. Even in data, there is random error, where does this error come from and why is it measured with arbitrary numbers such as .05 or .01. These errors in themselves suggest the hypothesis is not true. If science is also evidence based, think of law, even if there is evidence does not always mean that the person is guilty or innocent, while we might hope that the evidence accumulated will help make a decision, it is not an absolute truth. If science is knowing, even knowing is biased by the person and their perception and interaction with the experiment. With theory in science, if everyone agrees then you do not know anything new, it is in refutation that knowledge is gained. Therefore science is not objective but rather quite subjective.

  • We are all human.

    No, I do not think that the scientific method is purely objective, because as long as the scientific method is carried out by humans, the humans will put their own emotions on it. The scientific method starts off with a hypothesis. It is a human, with their own emotions that does the science.

  • No, the scientific method isn't purely objective

    The scientific method may be seen as purely objective to many people, especially if they do not understand anything about it. However, a lot goes into the scientific method and scientist work hard to ensure that it is not just purely objective. The ones who continue to believe it is probably have very little grasp over scientific knowledge.

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