Do you think the sentencing of Lavinia Olmazu, the Romani activist in Britain, was fair?

  • The Sentencing was fair

    The sentencing of Lavinia Olmazu, the Romani activist in Britain was fair because she was causing harm in Britain's view. She was held to the laws of Britain and if she did not want to take the risk of being sentenced, she should not of put herself in the situation that she did.

  • A bad man

    Yes, I do think that the sentence that was put on this man was fair, because he did a really bad crime, that deserves a harsh punishment to be set in place, and also he was judged by a fair trial and by a group of people that are fair.

  • No,it was not fair.

    It should have been way worse. How can you steal that much money and only get 2 and half years in jail? Its crazy to think that there are petty thief's doing more time than that. I have nothing but disgust for people who take so much and get no sentence in return.

  • No, I do not.

    If Britain is truly about free speech and is now a real democracy as they so ofte claim to be, then this sentence wasn't right. You do not have to agree with what Lavinia Olmazu was saying or doing, but to jail a person over situations like this is very foolhardy.

  • It was not a jury of peers.

    No, I do not think that the sentencing of Lavinia Olmazu, the Romani activist, in Britain was fair, because Olmazu did not have a trial among peers. Britain is so far removed from the problem of the Roma, that a trial there could not have afford Olmazu a proper sentencing. She should have been sentenced in Hungary or even Italy.

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