Do you think the sequel to Frozen will be as successful as the original?

Asked by: 66Piez
  • Mmm hmm sure

    That is what they all said about hunger games and it took a little more than two weeks to get the sequel out the movies. You never know what people will come up with. Maybe they have people that can conjure the 4 elements I don't know. But I think we should give the sequel a chance.

  • It's highly unlikely

    I'm not saying it because it's Frozen. I loved the movie honestly. It was cute, anyways. Most sequels suck. Like Mulan 2 isn't as good as the original. And the Little Mermaid with her kid. Most sequels (at least in Disney) don't turn out so good because they put everything in the first one

  • I don't think so.

    There is really no where to go with the Frozen series now. The material will just be regurgitated Disney material. The first was original, and the plot left really no where to go. Unless a medieval dragon invades Arandel, the movie will be ehh. That's my opinion, I know my son loved the movie, but there is no where really to go. And how can you top let it go?

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