Do you think the situation with Middle Eastern terrorist groups will become WW3?

Asked by: Bluepaintcan123
  • It is a possibility.

    I don't know a lot about terrorist groups like ISIS, but it is clear that they won't back down easily. America is clearly going to get involved, and since the Paris attacks I suspect the rest of Europe is at risk as well. I just hope that this will eventually die down as soon as possible.

  • No, i do not agree with this

    Imagine if you and your family is in the refugees position. If you don't try or do your best in running away, you will get FUCKING bombarded by the FUCKING MORON that ruled the country. What else can they do? Its either RUN or DIE! If you are a country, leader of the humanity, will you decide to let them die to try to help them out!? I believe there are a lot of selfish people in the WORLD and a lot of people whoa re willing to help.
    Majority people who is a leader or taken a important position that is good in decision making, they too will value every single life and give out a helping hand to the humanity. Thank you

  • Not quite realistic.

    The attacks on Paris were quite horrendous, I admit that. And there are generals who want to simply obliterate ISIS because of their atrocious act. However, there are moral boundaries to stop one from doing so, mainly the fact that if you kill someone in the brutal matter of war, then you are nothing more than the enemy who are trying to kill. The war on terrorism must be fought, but to turn it into a war that affects civilians is not ethical in the eyes of governments worldwide.

  • This is ridiculous.

    Everyone (read: Republicans) seems to be convinced that the world is a set of dominoes, and only a little push like ISIS is needed to set off a chain reaction. In fact, the big players are removed from the fight. Russia may be in Syria, but they do not want war, and are actively avoiding coming close to US airstrikes. The US will not put soldiers in the Middle East for probably the next nine years, provided the election goes Democratic, and even if it goes Republican many of the candidates have said that they do not support boots on the ground. China is not involved at all, unless you believe Ben Carson. Europe will not go to war unless America does or Russia expands operations to a much higher level then they're at now. Terrorism will kill people, it will damage property, but it won't (for now) cause a world war. It is clear that BluePaintCan DOESN'T know a lot about ISIS.

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