Do you think the Soviet Union's space race was good for the United States?

  • Yes, the space race was good for the U.S.A.

    The space race the United States of America had with the Soviet Union was good for America. It motivated the United States of America to advance their space program and technology. Without the Soviet Union there to compete with us, I do not think that the space program would have been as successful as it was.

  • We had to keep up.

    Yes, I think that the Soviet Union's space race was good for the United States, because it encouraged the United States to try to show its dominance by keeping up. The United States would not have invested nearly what it did in the space program if it had not felt that it had to keep up politically with the USSR.

  • yes it was

    Yes, I think that the space race was good for the US in a lot of ways. For one thing, it was a way for us to make a lot of our things that we used for space better, such as our ships and our telescopes and things like that.

  • Yes, it's the reason we have an Internet today.

    You bet it was good for the United States. This little thing that you're using, called the Internet? It's a direct descendant of the ARPAnet. The Advanced Research Projects Agency was formed by President Eisenhower as a direct response to the Soviets getting to space first. He wanted the best minds to develop products and methods for American science. Without the Soviets, we wouldn't have the Internet today.

  • Yes, I do think the Soviet Unions space race was good for the United States.

    I believe any time there is competition more innovation comes out of it, the United States wanted to beat the Soviets to the moon very badly and were able to invent some great technologies and innovative ideas when they assembled some of the greatest minds in the same room with a sense of urgency, something that may not have occurred if there wasn't a competition between the Soviets and the United States.

  • Waste of money

    Dont need one. They could have used the money to pay my rent and created more benefits for the American people. They were very quick to think and did it because they wanted to look good. It benefited the Soviet union more than the US because it was a catalyst for the space race

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