• It wasn't decorum.

    Yes, I think that the Spice Girls' kissing Prince Charles in 1997 was controversial, because it was only done to be given attention. The Spice Girls were trying to go for the shock value. There is certain reverence and decorum for the royals, and the Spice Girls didn't show proper respect for their country when they did that.

  • It was to get attention.

    The Spice Girls' kissing Prince Charles was most likely done for attention and the media it would get them. The Royal family has a standard they are held to or hold themselves to, and wouldn't normally kiss people that way, so to do so would get a lot of attention for the group.

  • This is stupid

    The Spice Girls, a lame female pop group idolized by young girls in the late ninties, kissed Prince Charles. So what. I do not think it was controversial at all. I don't think it was too controversial then and it certainly isn't controversial now. People tried to make controversy out of the stupidest things. Lets focus on real problems ok.

  • No, they were jsut being friendly

    No, it was not controversial. I think they were just being friendly. I think it is very common when you meet someone to kiss them on a cheek. I think the media makes bigger deals out of things to try to make a controversial. I think if they would have grabbed his butt or something would have been controversial but just a kiss was just a way of saying hi.

  • A Small Publicity Stunt

    I do not believe the Spice Girls' kissing Prince Charles in 1997 was a controversial thing. I believe it was mostly cooked up as a small publicity stunt for the group and it shouldn't be seen as much more than that. To me this entertaining and funny, so I would hope most would feel the same way.

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