• Yes, it's an cycle

    The stock market is booming everyone is happy blah blah blah. It could be prevented and actually if the market does crash there are ways to make even more money during a recession. But do you remember the roaring 20s? If the market does crash then that means we are going to see how Trump, the business man, how he is going to handle it.

  • Yes, the stock market will crash soon.

    After 2008, it seemed that something had to change in the financial sector. Americans were unwilling to bail out Wall Street after they had done such willful damage to the economy. But, as always happens in America, Wall Street paid off politicians who undermined the only meaningful reforms that had been proposed. The market will crash again because of it.

  • Yes, the stock market will crash soon

    If you look at the stock market indexes for the past 100 years, a simple pattern becomes evident. The stock market is always on a rising profile. Therefore, over the long run, the stock market does well; however, there is another pattern inside the big one. Approximately every ten years, the stock market goes through a larger crash. We are nearing that ten year mark.

  • No, the stock market is fairly stable.

    The stock marker is fairly stable at the moment, and I don't forsee a crash. The US economy is steadily improving across most industries, which indicates economic strength. There are currently no 'bubbles' to burst (for instance a housing bubble, which was largely responsible for the last crash), and inflation is very low.

  • No, the stock market will not crash soon

    Although the stock market has been on a roller coaster ride of fluctuations in the past few weeks and months, I do not believe it'll crash soon. The market always has a way of rebounding even during the most devastating economic crises in our country. It will continue to rise and fall, but it will not crash.

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