• Strong Finish Ahead

    The stock market has suffered over the last few years with the global recession. Due to a concerted effort by government leaders across the world the economy is slowly starting to pick up again and I believe it will continue to gather pace toward the end of 2014. This should make for a strong finish to the calendar year.

  • Too many world events happening that will spook the markets.

    I do not think the stock market will end 2014 strong. There are too many things starting to happen that will spook the market and slow its rise, such as the situation in Syria, the growing terrorist threat from ISIL, and now the threat of Ebola, which will make people reluctant to travel, affecting business, and the leisure industry.

  • Stock Market Will be Flat

    Economic news is rather mixed now and doesn't look to be clearer in the near future. Therefore I think the market will end fairly flatly within a few hundred points of what it is now. I don't see enough in the indicators to sustain a late surge, but I don't think it will tank either.

  • Yes, I think the market will end strong in 2014.

    Yes, I think the market will end strong in 2014. Stocks typically take a dip at the end of the year anyways, but we have seen enough positive growth in the last few months, that I think the market will be able to sustain that normal hit and still be strong overall for the year.

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