• Yes, the swine industry should get rid of farrowing crates.

    The question of whether or not farrowing crates are ethical is only a part of the larger debate on whether we should have industrial hog farmer at all. Raising hogs in tight confinement is inhumane. These animals are bred in crates, raised in agonizing conditions, and then slaughtered. We should be willing to pay more for our pork in exchange for having our food raised with some semblance of comfort or freedom.

  • Yes, I do

    I think it is not an acceptable method these days to crate these animals. I also seems very dirty. I think If I was stuck in a room for a while. It would get very messy for the rest of the people are around me. I can't see how this isn't animal cruelty.

  • No, they should not.

    Farrowing crates are not inhumane whatsoever, if anyone would even consider just punching those two words into google they would see that they are much more comfortable for both sow and young. They allow a cool space for the sow to be in, with surrounding heating for the piglets. And clearly none of these people have ever had to deal with a sow accidentally laying on one of her piglets. Not fun. Farrowing crates greatly decrease the risk of this. Do your research, people.

  • Farrowing crates allow enough room for nursing.

    It is best to allow for farrowing crates. Although some people might think it is too restrictive and unnatural to let swine nurse in such small spaces, it is more than adequate. It is part of the meat processing industry to do this. Unless we are going to get rid of the industry, then we should allow farrowing crates as they are.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe the swine industry should get rid of farrowing crates. There are three states that currently ban them and it is unlikely that the swine industry will stop using them simply because advocate groups do not support them. One claims they are needed while the other says they are inhumane. To be honest, raising and killing swine for meat is not exactly humane in some people's eyes, but that doesn't stop the fact that a large part of the population loves ham, bacon, pork chops, and more.

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