• Yes, government spending needs to be better monitored.

    I feel that the Taxed Enough Already commentators are correct in their assertion that citizens are being overly taxed. The government needs to be monitored more closely so that spending of tax dollars is efficient as possible. Currently, taxes are not only failing to be used properly, they are also detrimental to many US citizens and the economy in general.

  • Taxes are becoming a bit much

    Taxes are causing a lot of people some trouble because of the massive tax debt and how the government is trying to compensate for it. Tax rates are higher than ever and many people in society are fed up with it. The T.E.A. Commentators should speak their mind on behalf of the American people.

  • We are taxed to death.

    Yes, I think that the TEA commentators are right, because we pay far more in taxes than we can afford. Those who wrote the Declaration of Independence did so because they were fed up with paying far fewer taxes than we pay now. The economy will never grow if we give all our money to the government.

  • No They Aren't

    T.E.A. stands for Taxed Enough Already. The group calls for free markets and limited governments in a call for liberty. I believe the policies they hold important are the same ones that leave me in poverty. Their stand is directly opposed to mine and I feel their beliefs damage people's rights to experience the American dream.

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