• It has potential to be

    Many Americans are having trouble adjusting to Trump's presidency, but it is highly possible for people to find things about his platform which they can accept and like. It will require some open-mindedness but Trump Transition could be very smooth if people allow it to be. His actual views are not as radical as the media has portrayed them to be.

  • He is working hard.

    There are many media reports of people coming and going from Trump tower. Trump has already made some decisions. He removed people from his transition team that he did not think were making good decisions. He is thinking with deliberation and he is making good choices. For these reasons, the transitions will be smooth.

  • No, the Trump transition into the Whitehouse will not go smoothly.

    There have already been reports of chaos and infighting within the Trump transition team. Of course, these reports were swiftly denied by Trump himself, but his word, judging by his track record within his campaign and his rapport with the media, cannot be trusted. Donald Trump's transition team is filled with inexperienced, power-hungry people who do not know the first thing about ethics or politics, therefore, that alone cannot guarantee a smooth transition.

  • Trump transition will be far from smooth

    I think that from the information we already have, and by making some conservative inferences, it is safe to say that the Trump transition will be anything but smooth. Many business and political allegiances will need to be resolved before President Elect Trump will be able to settle into his role and the White House.

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