Do you think the U.S. is tapping the phone of Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany?

  • Yes, the U. S. is tapping many phones.

    In this day and age of espionage and terrorism, it does not seem as if there is such a thing as a true ally or at least countries do not perceive each other in this way. So without doubt the United States is doing phone tapping in Germany as well as in other friendly countries.

  • The US Likely Taps the Phone of Any Leader They Can

    The United States has been following a trend toward removal and violation of personal privacy against its' citizens, and it is likely that the same motivations that cause that trend would also cause the US to want to listen in on conversations of citizens of other countries, particularly those in power such as Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. As long as the US officials believe they can get away with it, there's a good chance they are doing it.

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