• Lawyers are sharks.

    Yes, I think that the U.S. legal system should be reformed, because so many lawyers are unethical. Lawyers know what right and wrong is, they just don't do it. That results in justice seldom being served in the court system. It should be harder to become an attorney because too many attorneys don't know what they're doing so they act unethically.

  • Yes oh yes it should be

    Yes it should be it is a waste of money and time to have Charles Manson sitting in prison for the rest of his life wasting tax payer money. He should be killed already. He is the biggest joke in our prison system. There are people who will go commit a crime to just get a nice warm place to stay, watch cable TV, get a free gym membership, and 3 decent meals a day, along with money that your family can fund their accounts with so they can get little snacks. Wow really if you work you can't get healthcare, you can't get a free gym membership, you have to pay rent, and you have to pay for cable and internet and for college. Yes our system is totally broken and screwed up. Treat them like they are human beings in there and with luxuries they will keep doing the same thing to go back. Treat them like a prisoner and make life miserable as can be and they won't want to keep going back.

  • Yes it should

    I think there is a huge problem with the legal system if there is an impossibly large gap between the amount of white people that get put into jail and the amount of minorities that do. Something is obviously wrong. I also think that white collar crime is seen as better than other types of crime.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe the US legal system should be reformed. We have an entire branch of government that is inaccessible to the majority of Americans because of the cost associated with it. You can't get anywhere in this system without a lawyer and chances are you'll need a pretty good one.

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