Do you think the UFO at Roswell was an alien crash landing?

  • Yes I do

    It is obvious that it is true but if it is and people saw it is not a UFO because it is an identified object so it is true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So that's what you get none believers boom Chaka laca and I am just a little tiny tiny kid so leave none believers.

  • Yes, I believe there has been a cover up for years.

    They say there is always a grain of truth in every rumor. The alien crash landing at Roswell has been persistent for many years now. I have to say I remain convinced that it was a UFO that crashed there. I believe the military retains all evidence of that crash and will never allow it to be made public.

  • More Than Likely

    Given all of the cover up and false stories regarding Roswell I do believe that an alien may have crash landed there. I do not believe we will ever know the true events that happened at that location because of the amount of controversy surrounding it. I do believe the government is aware of alien life forms and I do believe the actively keep that a secret from the public.

  • Yes, I do.

    I do think the Roswell incident was an alien crash landing. And if it wasn't an alien crash landing, it was something top secret the government didn't want people to know about. I don't normally believe this sort of thing, but the fact that the story changed so many times and all the witnesses convinces me.

  • No I dont

    As cool as it would but no I dont believe alien spacecraft crashed at roswell. Sure the goverment has covered up a lot of stuff in the past but the alien cover ups is ridiculous. Aliens dont exist and like others have said there are no hard evidence of aliens just paranoid people.

  • No, I don't.

    There are billions of planets in millions of galaxies. Why would aliens visit us? There are bound to be aliens out their and the likelihood is that they are going to be more advanced than us, so what could we possibly have that we want. Compared to them we are bacteria. People might say that they want our planet but compared to most our planet is tiny. Why would they go through all the inconvenience when they could find a planet without life

  • No, it was likely not an alien crash landing

    The incident at Roswell New Mexico conjures up all sorts of theories in some people’s minds, like that it was an alien crash landing and is being covered up by the military and US government. The people who believe that theory have no hard evidence and are basing their musings on nothing but paranoia. For all anyone knows it could have been the crashing of a secret military test ship and so details could not be made public in the name of national security. Unfortunately something as likely and mundane as that doesn’t have much appeal to conspiracy theorists.

  • No, I do not.

    I don't believe that there ever was a UFO at Roswell, at least as far as an alien spacecraft is concerned. I don't believe that anyone on this planet has ever seen an alien. I don't believe that there is a government cover up to hide aliens from the public. It might be fun for some people to believe those things, but it is a fantasy.

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