Do you think the unauthorized biography of Phil McGraw, "The Making of Dr. Phil," is a balanced portrait?

  • The book was balanced in nature.

    The unauthorized biography of Phil McGraw, "The Making of Dr. Phil," is a balanced portrait. The book provides a lot of information about the positives and negatives Dr. Phil went through in his life, both childhood and professional life. It was a very personal look and I don't think it was overly negative.

  • Shows his life

    Yes, even though this was unauthorized, it still came from Dr. Phil himself, and I think that it is an accurate portrait of his life and what all he has been through. He is a great man who fought his way up to where he is now, and this book shows it.

  • I don't think so.

    I don't believe that the unauthorized biography of Phil McGraw was a balanced portrait because it focuses mainly on the controversial areas of his life. It indicates that Dr. Phil was using some unethical business practices in a gym that he owned and that he was abusive towards his first wife. While I am not saying anything about the truth of those claims and they could very well be true, I believe that the author was probably out for some income too and controversy sells.

  • More Than Likely Not

    According to reviewers of the book it does not report a balanced portrait because it lacks input from friends, family, and associates of Phil McGraw. While I doubt the book is useless and it probably has some valid points, readers should remember that it can contain and probably does contain some bias and personal opinion from the author. None the less, unauthorized biographies tend to point faults that wouldn't be found in commissioned biographies or autobiographies.

  • Unauthorized Biography of Phil McGraw

    I personally think that the unauthorized biography of Phil McGraw which was "The Making of Dr.Phil is not a balanced portrait which it has affected the government as well as the society. I personally think that it would be a better unauthorized biology of Phil McGraw because it has affected the economy.

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