• 1 government means no wars

    This is the similar system (federation) that the U.S. uses , and the un should use it as well , a federation allows and rejects wars, example, say Nevada and California had a border dispute, the U.S. would not allow them to go to war over it , but , it will be very hard to overthought them if they become corrupt, so mabye just United States of (continent) and use the same system, but then that might have some consequences aswell

  • Ideally It Would

    I believe it would be best if all countries had a position at the United Nations. I do not believe the organization should act as a governing body but I believe it can serve as an open platform for all nations to put their problems out in a diplomatic way.

  • The people should choose there own governments

    One government rule will only lead to fascism and the minority will abuse there power to force there will on the majority. Small government means more room for discussion on topics that matter to them and have pride in there culture and there way of life and choose the way we want to live in a modern society

  • They are inefficient.

    No, I do not think that the United Nations should govern the world, because if that were to happen, they would make us all poor. The United Nations would demand a great deal of money from rich nations and would give it to poor nations. We would all become poor and our economies would suffer.

  • The United Nations

    I personally think that the United Nations should not be govern in the entire world because it would affect the government as well as the society. I personally think that the United Nations should not govern the entire world because it would affect the people as well as the War.

  • Not A Chance

    Pretty much all governments are corrupt with what we have now. You expand that role to one single organization to govern the whole world and think what would happen with inside that organization. The massive body of world leaders will think they can get away with anything. They probably would be able to get away with anything if we gave them that much power.

  • No, one government would be horrible.

    Independent countries can't even work together. They are of the same nationality and region, but they still argue and bicker and fail to accomplish many tasks on hand. Imagine if the diverse world combined forces to blend multiple language and ethnicities into one solid government structure. Well, all you can do is imagine.

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