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  • No, its a violation of privacy

    While there may be some benefits of maintaining a DNA database, the negatives far outweigh the positives. Most of us are not willing to exchange our privacy for the ability to make the job of the police just a little bit easier. We value our privacy in this country, and having our DNA stored is a clearly violation of this principle.

  • No, the governemnt should not keep a database of the DNA of citizens.

    Government intrusion into the citizenry of the US has already surpassed acceptability, IMO. Even the mere possibility that any government may collect and maintain information such as DNA data should terrify each citizen to their core. Is there any more personal information than human DNA? If one takes a few minutes to intelligently ponder upon the possibilities for abuse of that information, they will certainly decide that this is not acceptable.

  • No, this would be just way too tempting.

    No, I do not think a person's DNA needs to be in anyone's hands. Not only would this be a huge step into the realm of "Big Brother", it would be an extremely popular topic for further uses than just as a private government database. My next question is, "what uses would they find for such as database?

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe the United States government should maintain a DNA database of all its citizens. As a citizen who is already very concerned about their privacy I have zero interest in letting the government hold my DNA or my child's DNA. I don't trust my government and I do not think they have a right to hold such identifying information.

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