• Yes, the United states should adopt global banking rules.

    The United State should adopt global banking rules because it would allow a more streamlined process for international business dealings and personal dealings. It would also let the United States be more competitive since they would match up more often with their international trade partners. I think that if the United States was to adopt more international standards it would be very beneficial to everyone.

  • Banks Need Global Controls

    I believe it would be best for the United States to adopt global banking rules to be more congruent with other countries. Since America's economy upholds a large part of the world, I believe these banks should have to answer to higher powers beyond the United States federal government and beyond their depositors.

  • Yes, the US Should

    The United States should adopt global banking rules, because it would make transactions between countries much more easy. And this goes for travelers as well. Visiting the united states and trying to use a bank can tend to be very difficult. It's time for the US to gel more with the rest of the world.

  • Not at all

    No, the US as it stands today is in a really bad debt crisis, so we do not need to do anything to our banks that could make them have problems and make the economic crisis we are in go in the down direction, and make the US more poor.

  • Only leads to harm

    Why would the US change its banking rules to the rest of the world; while the US banking system is not exactly the highest paragon of ethics and smart rule making, but the rest of the world has as many or worse issues, and the US is a focal point because its the biggest.

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