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  • Born to Be an American

    One thing I will stand firm on is that someone who is born here understands what it is to be a citizen of the United States. And as a birth right I believe that only natural born citizens should be able to be president. It is something that is ours and nobody else from another country should be able to come over and take. There is a special connection being a born citizen and thus should be the only people to be able to be president.

  • Born to America

    I think that the only way someone should be allowed to be president of the United States is if them, and their parents, and their grandparents, were born and raise in the US. We need people who are passionate about the country, and will do whatever they can to fix it.

  • no, I don't.

    I am all for immigration and being accepting and loving of people visiting and moving to the United States, but I do think it is important to be born here. I have no logic behind this, it's just a stupid, prideful gut feeling, but this is what I think when it comes to the presidency.

  • No, foreign born naturalized citizens should not be allowed to be elected president.

    A foreign born naturalized citizen should never be allowed to be elected president of the United States because he or she might have a conflict of interests if what is best for the United States conflicted with what might be best for his or her mother/father country. There is a reason that there are constitutional requirements for one to become the leader of our republic.

  • Natural Born Citizens

    Given that America was built on immigration I believe the laws in place disallowing naturalized citizens from presidency should stand. I believe this important to make sure that foreign interests do not enter the White House. I believe this law is fair and it allows plenty of qualified candidates to take part in the race.

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