Do you think the United States would be a better place if Barry Goldwater had been elected President?

  • He would have been more moderate.

    Yes, I think that the United States would have been a better place if Barry Goldwater had been elected President, because he would have been a more moderate leader. Goldwater would not have put us on the fast track to socialism, with the war on poverty, and the Great Society initiatives. Goldwater was more conservative.

  • Checks and balances

    The way that the founding fathers set up the government of this country, there are so many checks and balances in the government that the president does not have a huge amount of power over the senate and house of representatives, so if the senate was still bad nothing would change.

  • Civil Rights Movement Would Have Faltered

    Had Barry Goldwater been elected president in 1964, the Civil Rights movement would have been dealt a huge blow. He believed in the rights of states to determine their own destiny and that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was not appropriate legislation for the federal government. Had Goldwater been elected, a second Civil War could have happened as more and more African Americans would have been discriminated against. Riots would have broken out and anarchy ensued with a conservative in the White House at that time.

  • No, Barry Goldwater would not have made the United States better.

    Barry Goldwater wouldn't have made the United States better. His policies would have caused some problems, especially international, that would make the U.S. look bad. Granted, some areas of government would have run much more efficiently, but it wouldn't have made the United States better compared to other presidential candidates.

  • It's Impossible To Know

    When Barry Goldwater ran for president he received 52 electoral votes, a very low number. I do not believe it is possible to know if the United States would have been better, had he been elected. Each presidency is different and I believe the president has a lot of sway over things, so what Johnson oversaw may have been entirely different if Goldwater had been elected.

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