Do you think the US does enough to care for and help our country's veterans?

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  • Facing fear of death there is not enough compensation

    While my belief is that the United States rewards its' veterans the one most precious gift we, as citizens they fought for, can give is my utmost respect for endangering their lives and the tormenting evils which they do retain for the rest of their life. I would like to feel comfortable in knowing that every citizen feels the same way. That is the individual approach and as for receiving care and help from our government there is the problem we all run into when in times of crisis, knowing how and whom to go to for assistance. This tests the patience and knowledge of every individual seeking help and the American Veteran is no different, in that respect. One call leads to another with only referrals and no real grasp of feeling you are appreciated much less cared for.

  • Veterans Forgotten After Serving

    The U.S. does a lot to try and help but most of the support for the veterans rarely comes from the government. Most donations and volunteers come from and are citizens who care deeply about this issue. There is not enough support for veterans with mental health issues as a result of their service which in turn leads to unemployment and homelessness because they cannot find the help they need sufficiently.

  • US Veterans Deserve Better Healthcare and Relocation Services

    When the United States Congress makes the decision to use military force against any enemy, they're creating a new group of veterans that will be changed forever if they return from the war zone. The massive backlog at VA offices makes it likely that a veteran will likely be unable to get timely treatment for an injury sustained while fighting for the country.

  • More can definitely be done

    I see vets on the street and in the subways begging for food and money almost on a weekly basis. Soldiers easily have the hardest job(s) in the world, it's very competitive, thankless, underappreciated, and permanently damaging you would think that soldiers would come back as kings and queens for the work that they do to protect us but they don't, not even close. They're left begging in the streets, they fight for us, die for us and when they come home they can look forward to being homeless or displaced.

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