• Yes, I think the US Government covers up it's war problems.

    I think in some cases the United States Government does cover up some of the more brutal war problems, the Government knows that the American public does not want to see or hear about some of the more brutal aspects of the war and if they did they would quickly turn against the war.

  • Yes, the US government covers up war problems.

    The United States of America definitely covers up some of its war problems. I think it is only logical that the United States of America does not disclose everything that is going wrong with wars to the media and public. I think that some of it is due to it being a dangerous thing for soldiers overseas.

  • Yes they do

    I do believe the US government just like any other government in the world covers its war problems. Logic demands that these be done,it certainly would do the government no good if the world,or the citizens know about the problems its facing these would not be good tactic at all.

  • Yes, of course.

    There aren't many countries who will admit to the atrocities committed during war, or to the death toll accumulated under their attacks. The only countries which would do this are countries ran by a power--hungry dictator who brags about his or her conquests and takings. Most countries cover war problems.

  • To A Degree

    As a United States citizen I realize there is some legitimate information that the government does need to withhold and a lot of that information is centered around wars and the military. I assume it is quite normal for the US to cover up its war problems and I consider that to be normal.

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