Do you think the US government is taking away the right to privacy away from the citizens?

Asked by: jenviilla
  • Yes the US is very bad

    Yes it is true other countries have it. American hero Edward Snowden has proven it. Even before the ask of computers, The FBI was trying to get Martin Luther King to kill himself.

    Snowden proved how little the US citizens know about how much they know their government is spying on them. They also do very little to protect us from third party spying (ie Facebook/Google and such).

    It's also why the government is more likely to send spies into left wing groups that want the US to catch up to the developed world vs far-right groups. They want to destroy true left wing movements, Because they are a threat to their power.

    But thanks to Americans being home of the cowards (they'd rather drone instead of fight fair) and the fearful. Americans are run on fear. That's why the (un)PATROIT Act got away with so much. Americans would rather give up freedom for "pretend" safety. In some cases it's good to give up some power for safety, But only if that power is watched.

  • The US government has too many unknown programs in place to supervise people living in the country.

    Summary: America is a wonderful place where people can express their opinions without the fear of being put to death. America is a country where freedom influences culture and gives people the liberty to greatly impact the world. We have amendments to ensure these rights, Which combat any law that tries to take them away, Are protected. However, In the case of the 4th amendment, We can see one of these rights being violated. We are given the right to privacy, But the Patriot Act takes that privacy away from us. Although the Patriot Act was passed to protect the nation, The citizens of the nation should know what is being done to them. They need to be informed of all the government programs that are being put in place to spy on them. America is a democratic country where the government must include the people in decisions. The danger of these programs is that they get more complex as time goes on. They are developed to track us in areas we did not even know were possible. Fortunately, People are starting to become more aware, But it is our job to get the message to as many people as possible. We have the power to start petitions so that Congress can change laws dealing with government surveillance. Lastly, We need to be more careful about the information that we allow the government to have because we are entitled to privacy. The government does not need to know our most embarrassing secrets. They just need to protect us, But there are correct ways to go about this.

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