• Absolutely, yes. Raise the debt ceiling

    People have to understand that raising the debt ceiling is necessity in the United States. This has been done for centuries now, by every single president. Economics are a house of cards, and if you don't play it right the entire thing will blow over. Raising the debt ceiling holds the house of cards together.

  • Raising the debt ceiling is not serving future interests

    The management of communal funds and increasing communal liability must be made with an eye towards whether or not future generations are served more by having things now, or by having them later. The stewards of tax funds must make decisions about how to best serve the interests of our society, and those interests should be equated with long-term health. It is important to preserve our environment for future generations just as it is important to ensure that future citizens are not burdened with debt or that we face insolvency. The U.S. is a great nation, but not because we are immune to the fiscal crises which have faced other nations that did not control spending.

  • U.S. Government Debt Ceiling

    I personally think that the U.S. government should not raise the debt ceiling again because it is going to affect the economy. I personally think that the U.S. government should not raise the debt ceiling again because it would be limited to the debt that has been owed causing it to affect so many people.

  • We Need To Stop

    I do not think the United States government should raise the debt ceiling again. I believe we need to cut budgets and we need to do it where it should be done. We need to reign in the money spent on defense and we need to cut wages and perks to the politicians. Simple as that.

  • Do something to stop it

    No, I do not think that they need to raise up the debt ceiling again. I think instead they need to shut down until they find a way to come up out of debt. They need to do something to end it, before we go so deep that they shut down for good.

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