Do you think the US minimum wage is proper?

Asked by: hohoho
  • Absolutely, raising it too quickly would cause more harm than good.

    Minimum wage varies from state to state in the United States. Federal minimum wage is set due to the lowest wage costs that a person needs to live. Increasing the minimum wage will only cause the inflation to get more out of hand than it already is. Minimum wage increases are passed on to the consumers ans would end up increasing the price of the goods or services.

  • It is crazy low

    Here in Australia the minimum wage for an adult to work casually is $21 per hour. I know in some fields in the US its more like $2 an hour. Laws should exist to protect the workers from being abused. There needs to be a higher minimum wage which applies to all fields.

  • They exist and they shouldn't

    No minimum wage is proper because it is the imposition of a constraint unrelated to violation of rights onto a mutually consenting relationship.

    If someone thinks a wage is unfairly low let them turn it down, but they don't have the right to keep someone else from accepting the job.

  • It should be abolished!

    No minimum wage is proper. The minimum wage only causes unemployment, as the reason an employer hires a worker if that they will add more value/earn more revenue for the business than they will cost (note: cost isn't just their wage, it's things like taxes, regulations/paperwork and mandatory benefits etc too). It also treats people like babies who can't make decisions for themselves. If I want to take a job for $5 an hour, why should the government be able to step in and stop me if it's mutually beneficial?

    Remember, ALL trades in the free market are mutually beneficial (in this example it's trading wages for labour). This is true simply because no one would make a trade that isn't beneficial to them, and because value is subjective.

  • Compared To where I live?

    Americans have to overwork on a minimum wage of a pitiful 7 something dollars and hour, it's a disgrace!!

    In Australia where I live, the bear Minimum wage is close to $17 an hour, most jobs offer more than that, people deserve a proper wage for hard work and seeing the Americans Living to work look like slaves to me.

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