Do you think the US needs more than 2 political parties (yes) or do all parties need to be eliminated (no)?

  • I Could Go Either Way

    Personally, I could go either way on this, but I certainly think our two party system has created a large mess. We need more options when it comes time vote. Given our size and population two presidential candidates is not enough. We could gain more by adding many more political parties or absolutely getting rid of political parties. Either way, we need more choices.

  • I think it is high time all parties were eliminated.

    I most definitely think it's time for the US to eliminate all political parties. There was a time when you could tell the parties apart because each one had a specific stand on certain issues, with clear cut lines defining them as either liberal or conservative. These lines have become blurred and there are no longer any traits that differentiate between the two major parties, so why even bother having them?

  • Political Parties in the US Should Be Eliminated

    Political parties have divided the US for centuries. Most people do not wholly identify with all beliefs held by the two predominant political parties, yet the two parties have a monopoly on US politics. Eliminating these parties would allow for a free exchange of new concepts and ideas and would allow voters to vote based on their personal beliefs and not their political affiliation.

  • Abolish the parties

    In a perfect world the government would be run without bias and everyone in positions of power would work for the American people and would not let anything get in the way. This is what would happen if there were no parties for anyone to be loyal with or to stick with. What we need is one political party that will work together and get things done.

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