Do you think the US should be attacking Pakistan with drones?

  • It's the most effective way.

    About 3,000 people were killed in the 9/11 attacks. About 3,000 have been killed in Pakistan because of drones strikes. The first number doesn't include attacks since 2001. An eye for an eye. And we're killing Basilisk eyes while the terrorists killed perfectly fine eyes.

  • Yes

    Yes, because we are attacking terrorists with drones. Pakistan has shown that they are the leading supporter of the Taliban. They have shown that they are two-faced, and we will not support terrorists. We must take action into our own hands and make sure that the Taliban is stopped. Thus using drones are very effective.

  • Yes

    The drones are getting rid of high Al Qaeda leaders, and making great progress in the fight to end the war on terror, but Obama needs to keep it under better control and make sure no innocent people are in the bombing areas. But these operations were highly effective in killing Bin Laden, so hopefully more good will come.

  • Clarification:

    Firstly, the United States is not attacking Pakistan, itself, with drones. The US is using the drone technology to destroy Al Qaeda cells who are currently taking refuge in Pakistan.

    And yes, I genuinely support these operations. They've had an excellent effect dealing with the War on Terror, and Al Qaeda is now weaker than it has been in many years.

    However, the US should engage in greater communication with the Pakistani government, allowing the two countries to work together to fix this growing issue. The US has to take the necessary precautions and gather the correct information before launching ANY attacks within the borders of Pakistan, to ensure there will be no violations of human rights and that the safety and security of Pakistani civilians is guaranteed.

    Moreover, these operations do not cost a large sum of money, they're effective and no American soldiers are being called to put their own lives in danger.

    - E

  • NO, no country is above international law!!

    USA is rouge country( a corrupted congress), they think that they can do whatever they want and nobody can stop them.They together with Israel are the trouble of the world now. Most of the problems the world encountered regarding terrorist attacks came because USA gov. foreign policy. US gov. supported in the past dictators as long as they are in US interest, financed democratically elected regime's coup in many, many countries, provoked and started many wars, support Saddam Hussein's war against Iran just because Iran humiliated USA in '79 after Islamic revolution overthrew US's puppet shah and latter US invaded Iraq for a prefabricated reason. I suggest to USA government to invade Israel because for sure there they will find nuclear weapons!!! USA government, you became the trouble of the world, together with your ally, Israel. Keep in mind, The World is Watching and maybe one time everything will turn against You.

  • Yes, terrorism started from pakistan

    Pakistan should be awarded as a best terrorist country in the world because all terrorist are from pakistan, pakistan army giving training to them and sending them all over the world, i dont know why Our US govt is quite and sleeping why cant they see pakistan is the only root of terrorism, they are killing millions of christians in their own country and people from other religion like buddhist hindus, we should all stand together and destroy pakistan, its my special request to India to vanish these dirty terrorist from the map

  • We can not trust pakistan

    If they can not manage it to take care of the terorrists we have to do it.
    I am wondering why we even see pakistan as our allie, terrorists train, live and hide their and it is not a secret that bin laden had help from the pakistani army so we can not trust them

  • We can not trust pakistan

    If they can not manage it to take care of the terorrists we have to do it.
    I am wondering why we even see pakistan as our allie, terrorists train, live and hide their and it is not a secret that bin laden had help from the pakistani army so we can not trust them

  • Its very effective

    So tell me the truth, do we want a man who has a family here in the U.S go in and die or stay in a little room safe and sound doing the same job just not die. That just doesnt make sense. If it was you would you rather die or stay in a room and be protected. This is why we need to use drones.

  • Yes it should

    After the death of bin Laden, it has become obvious that Pakistan harbors terrorists. Drone strikes in Pakistan will ensure that the terrorists don't come out of their rat holes and destabilize the neighboring Afghanistan. With the drone strikes kept going, the terrorist leaders won't be able to sit down peacefully and plan terrorist attacks while they have to worry about the drones coming to get them.

  • No, "It's easier to do this in someone else's country."

    Try doing the same in America then we will see how much you support it .We live here not you .We know how it feels when innocent people die in drone attacks its easier saying that "Sorry some innocent folks also died in the drone attacks." It's not that US itself is "super purified" and there are no terrorists there, because if this was the case then there would have been no "9/11".Try droning in America then we would vote on the topic.

  • Unless Pakistan commits some act of aggression, we have no need to attack them with anything.

    America has enough conflicts on its hands, without attacking Pakistan with more drones, or anything else, for that matter. Sending a drone to get a man or a few men is one thing, and should be done with diplomatic regard for
    Pakistan. Otherwise, we are just inviting more trouble.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • say no to drones

    We need to stop using drones in attacking Pakistans because too many innocent people are killed. I also think we real what we sow. It is going to come back to hurt us & what should it not?!?
    Love & Peace is the answer. We should only resort to violence when we have to defend ourselves from an attack.
    War is not the answer. God please help us & bring peace & harmony back into our lives.

  • It is bad to kill even a single innocent person

    If we agree with the assumption that there are terrorist in North Waziristan, Pakistan. Even then it is a crime to kill a single innocent person on this theory. And by drone attacks in Pakistan hundreds of innocent persons including innocent children died in drone attacks. Killing by drones results killing of less then 20% of terrorists according to US figures and more then 80% innocent persons including women and children are killed by this brutal exercise.

  • The United States should not attack Pakistan with drones, because Pakistan is not a danger to us.

    The United States should not be attacking Pakistan with drones, for several reasons. They should not interfere with a sovereign nation, unless they are a clear danger to national security. Furthermore, drone strikes would deplete our already weak budget.

    Posted by: NauseatingAbdul53
  • No, because I do not believe any country should be using unarmed drones for battle.

    Moving to using unarmed drones to attack enemies is just another step to removing the face of the victims and sterilizing warfare. The further we move in that direction, the easier it becomes to kill. We need instead to find ways to work on peace, not make it even simpler to create war.

    Posted by: PreciousRuss33
  • All you have to do

    Is ask yourself how would you like it if pakistan did the same thing that were to to them and have it done to us. The answer is no. We must work dipolomatically with pakistan, we must respect the fact that they are a sovereign nation and just because we are still a military might doesnt mean we get to do whatever we please. Attacking pakistan will have blowback affects just like what we did to the middle east leading up to 9/11. It all comes back to haunt us if we don't follow rules and have respect for other nations

  • No, it's against independence of Pakistan.

    It's against independence of Pakistan. What America is actually doing is illegal, killing innocent ones in 'search' for the 'criminals' who were once favored by United States during it's own during war against Russia, is not acceptable, if you cannot control them in Afghanistan, how can you control them in Pakistan ? Need to reconsider your policy.

  • They are killing too many people.

    The US should not be attacking Pakistan with drones because of the amount of people they are killing. When the USA sends in drones they might kill about two terrorists in the group of people aimed at, but overall they are killing thousands of innocent people in Pakistan of all generations. The families in Pakistan has lost many young children, in America the Sandy Hook Massacre has occurred, but this happens every single day. Even the United Nations has condemned the US for drone attacks, and believes we should respect the sovereignty of Pakistan. This is very unfair to the people of Pakistan, and the use of drones should come to an end with all countries of this world.

  • Pakistan wants the US to stop!

    If for no other reason (and there are plenty of other reasons), respect for the sovereignty of an ally should cause the US to stop attacking it with drones! The first way this question was posed was, "... should the US attack Pakistan with drones instead of soldiers to save lives?" First of all, what a sucker's choice! As if there were only two ways to do anything. Second, whose lives are saved? Not a single US life, as those killed in Pakistan are militant goat herders and farmers with no capacity to attack the US, either on US soil, or next door in Afghanistan. Many became militant BECAUSE of drones, according to Foreign Minister Hina Rabbini Khar. This is about US hegemony, not "saving lives." It is about US dominance in the region.

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